What is Mobile App Development?

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Mobile app development is a process close to that of software development, but it focuses on creating functions that take advantage of mobile hardware features. Mobile Apps are small software units that provide quality services and experience to users.

The best approach is developing App specifically for the mobile environment, using all the benefits of mobile devices. It helps business owners to balance the overall cost with functionality.

Today smartphones and tablets come with features like Bluetooth, GPS, cameras, and much more. Mobile App Developers can use such features as a base to create apps. The popular mobile apps are those that utilize the features of smartphones in the best way possible. For instance, if we choose to develop an application that uses location-based features like maps, such applications are built by keeping in mind the mobile device.

Need of Mobile App in Big Corporations

We live in a digital world where mobile Apps play a major role in our everyday life and are changing the way we live; we depend on mobile apps to get things done. Every big corporation that decides to develop its mobile App will bring benefits for users and businesses.

Business Acknowledgment

Building a mobile App for your corporation is the best marketing strategy to create awareness about your brand. Mobile App is the one-stop solution for getting all the information about a brand and its services. Moreover, you get the opportunity to promote your products via ads so more and more people will know about them.

Audience Building

Mobile Apps play a great part in building an audience, especially for small businesses. As mobile App has been increased, big corporations are taking it as an advantage to increase their customer base. These Apps have made interaction much easier with the public.

Track of Analytics of Business Strategies

Mobile Apps helps keep your eye on the important analytical tracks like the most demand product among the public, time spent on each App, interests of people, and much more. It helps you in giving a better idea about your target audience.

It is important to beat your competitors using smart ways. If you haven't developed Mobile App for your corporation yet, you miss out on a great strategy for marketing.

Features of a Perfect Mobile App


Today the world seems to run around Mobile Apps; people look for user-friendly ways to reach out for things. To get your App most-rated, it must be eye-catching. Let's discuss which features are a must to make an app outstanding.

Easy to Understand

The App must have a simple layout and a decent color scheme to improve the customer's experience. If you don't make your App simple, then most people will lose interest. All the information provided must be short, easily accessible, and understandable, as you don't want to keep users frustrated.


We live in a fast world where we wish to see everything instantly just by one tap, and especially those screen-loading signs leave us frustrated. To achieve a better speed for your App built by using an appropriate set of graphics and databases.

Good Resolution

To provide the best user experience on your App, ensure that your App displays on-screen are detailed. Any compromise on resolution leads to limited app sales.


Your App must be easily available and accessible. There are three major mobile operating systems, i.e., iOS, Android, and Windows, and they must be available on all.

Safe and Secure

In the world of the internet, security is a rising issue. Hackers have become advanced with technology. When people provide their personal information on your App, they must feel secured. Moreover, your App must be virus-free.

User Feedback

Your App must always welcome user's feedback to understand better what your user expects from you. It is the only way you can improve your App and user experience.


Once you start to get feedback from your customers, it's time to improve your App. Make it more customer-relevant and fix the security issues that arise. Updates not only give you a chance to improve your App but also fulfill user's needs.

Mobile App Development Platforms

If we talk about mobile app development platforms, the two most important platforms are iOS from Apple Inc. and Android.

The iOS mobile operating system is specific to iPhones and is Apple's sole proprietary. However, the Android runs on the mobiles that are manufactured by various OEMs, including Google. Android is also made available for companies who meet specific Google requirements.

Different software development kits are used to build the two operating systems, but there are still many similarities in them.

Mobile App developers have built almost 1.5 Million Apps for both operating platforms to date.

Many software development companies in Singapore offer app development experts for both platforms.

Step by Step Guide for Mobile Application Development

To generate an effective App, you must follow the six key phases, regardless of your size or scope of the project. Let's take a look at each step to have a better idea.


To generate an effective App, you must follow the six key phases, regardless of your size or scope of the project. Let's take a look at each step to have a better idea.

It would be best if you had a strategy before starting the process of mobile application development. Every App has different objectives, which you must identify before actually developing the application.

Establish goals of your App Identify your target audience Look for your competitors Select mobile operating platform

Analysis and Planning

In this step, you start working on your idea and turn it into a project. It starts by defining the use and functionality of your App.

Once the requirements for your App are sorted, prepare a roadmap. It includes prioritizing your app requirements and grouping them. Please note that if you have time, resources, or cost, then first define your minimum viable product and make it your priority for the initial launch.

Moving towards planning involves the identification of skills that are required to build the App. For instance, if you plan to build a mobile app for iOS, then your team of skilled specialists must include iOS developers.

Decide on a name for your name it must be unique from the ones already existing.

UI / UX Design

The app design should be in such a way that it gives an effortless and smooth user experience. The App's design determines its success because if the App is easy to understand, users will adopt it well.

The main purpose of UI / UX Design to make your app interactive, intuitive and user-friendly, which will keep users engaged.

App Development

Before actually developing an app, you need to;

  • Select a technology stack
  • State your development milestones
  • Choose technical architecture

Typically, a mobile app has three integral parts;

Server technology, mobile app font, and API

Back-End/Server Technology

It includes server-side objects that are necessary to support the functions of your mobile app. If you already have a back-end platform, then you need to modify it according to your functionality.


Application Programming Interface is a way of interaction between the back-end server and the App.

Mobile App Front-End

It is the app that is used by the end-user. You can use any web programming language and database for the back-end. Many programming languages and technology stacks are available; you need to choose the one according to your App. If your priority is time-to-market, then it uses an agile development approach.


Testing is important as it ensures your application is stable and secure. To perform the test, you need to prepare a test case that addresses all aspects. Test cases involve performing the test steps, recording results, evaluating, and fixing the retesting bugs. Ensure the following tests;

Functionality test
User experience test
Performance test
Security test
Device and platform test
Development and support

Types of Mobile Apps and Programming Languages

Following are the types of mobile apps

Native App

These apps are platform-specific that use tools and languages supported by these OS. Mobile workforce management prefers native apps as they can utilize the full potential of the device.

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps are not only compatible with plenty of platforms but require minimum changes for functionality in each OS.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps allow making the use of diverse and unique elements to every native system.

Software Development Kits

To build a mobile app, you need to have access to software development kits with a simulated environment for mobile development. So that the programmers can build, design, and test app code. You don't need to use these kits completely to develop an app.

To develop applications for iOS, a paid iOS developer license is needed. However, for Android, SKD is freely available for users.

Developing iOS is easier as you don't have to worry about a range of devices from various manufacturers. Also, note that for every OS, there are barriers in the entry.

Best Platforms for Building a Mobile App

Building an app has been made easy over the past years; here is a list of platforms that help you build a mobile App.

Mobile Roadie
Appy Pie

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