Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service Management System offers tailor and custom built solutions to manage previous, existing and potential customers by analyzing customer’s sales and behavioral data thus directly benefiting revenue opportunities. Customer Relationship Management Software, CRM software in short, combine different features including cloud computing techniques, business analytics, and enterprise mobility to help deliver some of the best cost-effective solutions for your online business success.

Extending Power

The customer relationship management (CRM) softwares does more than managing contacts as it offers a very secure access to business organization to access data and system from any desired remote location. It is designed to suit all present time business needs.

Services Provided

Features of CRM

customer management system


  • Our customer relationship management system allows you to add as many customers’ details as possible.
  • Helps you monitor all the estimates, contracts and invoices of the customers from a single point.
  • Helps you conveniently track the activities of your customer and the due payments against the record
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  • Helps you list all your warehouse stock but also deduct the amount in real-time once orders are processed and the stocks are dispatched out of the inventory.
  • This customer management system sends you low stock warnings if you are running out of stock.
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  • Provides you with the most advanced interface to manage your various projects.
  • Helps you conveniently assign the project-tasks to multiple members and track the time spent by members on their tasks as well from their login time.
  • Helps in increasing the efficiency which in turn helps you accomplish your project in the shortest possible time.
  • Helps you track your expenses and time spent on projects and accordingly, you can bill your customers in the most reasonable way.
customer relationship management software


  • Helps you build the most professional looking invoices using our stunning range of templates.
  • Allows you to build invoices with different tax levied on them different items.
  • Helps you create recurring invoices which will be automatically generated according to your time specification. You can set a recurring invoice for a maximum of 12 months.
customer service management system


  • The lead management software helps you create estimates for your customers within a minute.
  • Helps you send it to your customers.
  • Auto converts the estimate to invoice after customer accepts it.
  • You customers can take actions on the estimate even having to login.
customer relationship management software


  • Create stunning proposals to impress your potential clients or customers.
  • Incorporate images, tables, YouTube videos with the powerful editor.
  • Allows customers to comment on the proposal for further discussion.
customer management system


  • Keeping a track of leads and following their progress is ridiculously easy.
  • Helps you attach files, convert lead to customer and auto import leads from email.
customer management system


  • Company expenses can be easily recorded.
  • Allows you to set up a recurring expense to be created automatically after the specified period.
  • You can specify days, weeks, months or years as the period of time.
  • Set expenses billable to customers or projects.
customer relationship management system


  • Allows you to record and receive payments in different currencies.
  • Supports PayPal and Stripe Payment.
  • After each recorded payment PDF is auto generated.
customer relationship management software

Support System

  • Prompt support with auto response based support ticket system.
  • Allows private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link and more.
customer service management system

Knowledge Base

  • Allows you to add knowledge base articles from text editors.
  • The client area has “Did you find this article useful?” vote included.
customer management system


  • Helps you assign tasks to multiple employees,
  • Allows you to add task followers, task comments allowed and task attachments.
customer management system


  • Current and feature sales can be conveniently locked with contract feature.
  • The built-in sending contracts feature allows you to create PDF documents in a minute and send them to your customers.
  • Send customer reminders before contract’s expiry.
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  • Helps you create interesting surveys to impress your customers.
  • Helps you improve your company productivity with every question added to the survey.
  • Allows you to send surveys to leads, customers, staff members and manually created mail lists.
customer relationship management system


  • Update important company events,
  • Set invoice expiry dates,
  • Update contract’s expiration,
  • Set estimate expiration,
  • Set tasks finish date
crm system for small business

Company Newsfeed

  • Helps in easy employee’s communications by sharing great company events and documents.
customer relationship management software

Goals Tracking

  • Helps you in setting up goals and keeping a track of your achievements.
  • Allows you to share the information with your staff.
customer relationship management system


  • Reports based on Sales Item.
  • Reports on the basis of total income.
  • Custom date picker Leads Conversions Knowledge base articles based reports by customer.
customer management system

Survey Reports

  • Helps you generate powerful survey reports

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