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Multichannel OMS


Slient Features of The Order Management System

  • Product Listing
  • Category Listing
  • Product Barcoding
  • Min Stock Value/ Min Stock Alerts
  • Stock Levels
  • Product Images
  • Product Details
  • Back-order Inventory For Selected Products
  • Auto Stock Update For Multichannel
  • Stock/Price/Change Log
  • Simple Products/ Variant Products


Batch Print Labels/ Shipment Labels

Batch Print Labels/ Shipment Labels

This feature allows you to print many shipping labels together along with all the information, in one click. This will make label printing faster. You can also print the packing list simultaneously with the same command.

Order Tracking Number With URL

Tracking Number With URL

You can send the tracking number with the URLs to your customers. They can track the packages until the last mile of the delivery.

SMS Notification for End Customer

SMS Notification For End Customer (Nexmo Integration)

Your customers will always have the latest information about the delivery. With Nexmo integration the software will automatically send SMS to your customers regarding the status of the package. They can know the delivery status at every stage.

Integration with Third Party Logistics Providers

3PL Integration

Integration with third-party logistics providers helps in the proper management of warehouse and shipping. You can also have different pricing for different destinations based on the country name or postal code.

Batch Print Labels/ Shipment Labels

Batch print labels/ shipment labels

Gives you the option to print the labels and the information on the shipment label. Packing list labels are also generated at the same time. Default layouts are used.

Order Tracking Number With URL

Tracking number with url

Tracking urls with the full information on the status of the parcel/order when you use the last mile of the system


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