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Customer service has assumed very high importance in every organization due to increasing competition. The business that can attend to their customers in the best way will head to success. It is not enough to follow the traditional methods of using spreadsheets to organize your customer requests and queries. You must have the best helpdesk ticketing system to attend to your customers effectively. Various features help you efficiently manage customer queries.

Our Helpdesk Ticketing System Features

  • Ticket Automation - This feature keeps you updated with your customers’ queries. It sends you reminders of tickets to be attended. Tickets can also be automatically routed to the right person. You can send automatic responses to customers using this feature.
  • Information On SLAs - When you have SLA information on the helpdesk it helps you to correctly prioritize the tasks and avoid SLA violations. It helps you understand the urgency of certain tickets.
  • Tagging The Tickets - Tagging them to specific issues helps you to organize the tickets easily. This will also help you to analyze and understand common problems. You can also create responses with content that will help impart more knowledge about your products and issues faced.
  • Create Customized Ticket Templates - The helpdesk solutions provided by BT Techsoft allows you to create customized templates for different tickets. All tickets are not made for the same problem. Customizing the tickets helps in better organizing them. You can load the ticket for each problem with just one click. The feature also permits different templates to be combined when there are multiple queries on a ticket.
  • Create Different Queues - The support ticket system allows you to create individual queues. This helps each employee to see if anyone is burdened with too many tickets and help them.
  • Ticket Status Options - The status of tickets in the helpdesk ticketing system will keep changing as the queue moves. You should not have the same ticket status until the customer query is resolved. Customize your ticket status as it changes and keep your customers updated with the latest status.
  • Ticket Actions - Different actions are taken on a ticket. Our system helps you to keep the actions private until it is ready to be shown to the customer. This option is very helpful in keeping the conversation inside the company until the ticket is ready for action by the customer.
  • Integrate Product Information And Inventory - This feature on the IT help desk software makes it easy for you to display the products when necessary on the ticket itself. The employee doesn’t have to search for information on other documents. It is also possible to integrate the inventory with this system so that you know the availability of products.
  • Customer Information On Ticket Page - Serving a customer is always more efficient when the person attending the ticket has full information about the customer. You can have customized ticket pages for different customers with this system. This will allow the employee to know the history and present status of all tickets of the same customer.
  • Tickets With Similar Requests - It is very common for a company to get many similar requests. There can be different queries that require similar responses. In our ticket software, it is easy to combine all the related tickets and provide a single response. This will save a lot of your time. It will give customers faster responses.
  • Ticket Deflection Feature - It is not essential that every query should be answered by the customer support executive. There may be many articles in the company database that can answer the queries well. The ticket deflects feature will allow the employees to quickly find the link and share it with the customer. Customers also prefer to read the article than get the information orally from your employees.
  • Customize Query Submission Form - This helpdesk system enables you to customize the submission form. You can get as much information from the customers as possible so that your employees don’t have to ask too many questions to get the basic information. This will also help in speeding up the process and keep the customers happy.

Benefits Of Helpdesk Ticketing System

  • Reduce employee workload and improve focus on resolving issues with the ticketing system
  • Ticket Management System reduced the backlog of tickets
  • More customer information helps in personalized support with the IT ticketing system
  • The ticketing system software enables grouping of similar queries and gives expert support
  • The IT helpdesk support system creates happier customers
  • The online ticketing system has metrics that help you assess employee performance

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