Help desk

Help desk

In the past two decades, Help Desk Services have managed to evolve and presently they are considered as Back bone of business organizations. There are a number of features they offer with:

Ticket Information

  • It offers with fully automated services including sending reminders.
  • Performing routine check and responding to clients.

SLA information

  • It will provide with all SLA status information on the ticket itself on the basis of priority and urgency that will help in eliminating all types of SLA violations.


  • It can help in creating different templates for different tickets.
  • Each one can easily be loaded using a simple command.
  • They can also be combined according to needs.

Queues handling

  • The system can help in organizing a single queue system for faster work so that every employee can notice and monitor person who needs help.

Ticket status option

  • This will automatically help send notifications to the customers in case the status of their tickets change.
  • It can offer with customization features to your business.

Our features support numerous business activities by providing user friendly interface and boosting efficiency, productivity and motivation.

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