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An intranet is the best way for personnel inside a company to communicate with each other securely. It allows them to access the company database securely. It also allows the sharing of documents among the employees of the company safely and securely. Employees can also collaborate easily for making quick decisions on crucial matters. BT Techsoft offers the best intranet software that will enable you to build a secure intranet network for your company.


  • Commenting and forum capabilities – It is all about fostering communication between colleagues and employees. It offers with social networking features.
  • Innovative and ideation management – It helps in foster collaborations that will prove helpful for creating best solutions to help move organization. It helps in achieving performance.
  • Smart search and information discovery – This is an important feature for your regular business needs. It helps in tagging the content perfectly on your social intranet.
  • User interface – This reflects how well your business is organized and the impact of your employees on your business. It helps in cutting down the problems on account of your employees’ bad performance.
  • Meaningful and clean designs – It focuses on the looks of your Intranet and the way it operates. The designs are maintained well organized and clean in visual appearance.
  • Deployment – The software provided will be efficient to handle complete deployment process relieving the stress of management.

Features of Intranet

  • Document And Content Sharing - This is the most important feature of any intranet. This feature of your corporate intranet allows you to store documents in different formats. It provides the gateway for employees to access content and share it easily. The intranet system provides complete security for your documents and content.
  • Easy Search Feature - The intranet system allows employees to search for content very easily using keywords or phrases. The search feature also allows users to search by category. Another feature that we provide is the ability for your employees to search for content using related words. The suggested search results feature doesn’t need the employee to use the exact keywords.
  • Information Provider - The intranet portal software must provide all the information needed by the employees very quickly. There are various pieces of information like working procedures, employee details, reports, and forms. These are easily available in the system enabling the employees to carry out their duties faster.
  • Security - The main purpose of an intranet system is to provide security of data. An intranet allows only the company employees to access the data. The information is not open to others. Our intranet system also provides different layers of security. All the data is not needed by all the employees. Some pieces of information should not be shared with all employees. By providing different security layers protected by passwords, we prevent the data from being misused.
  • Enabling Innovation - Innovation in a company happens when employees collaborate and exchange ideas. When ideas are shared it allows everyone to make contributions and come up with great innovations. The feature for collaboration between employees of all strata is very important. Our intranet software for small business also incorporates a blogging feature that allows employees to post relevant content and others to read and add or comment on it.
  • Integration With Social Media - Social media is playing an important role in marketing. Companies must provide social networking integration with the intranet. This will allow the employees to share information on their social media pages and help spread the brand image of the company. BT Techsoft creates intranet software where widgets of various social media sites can be integrated for easy access. This will allow the company to get free publicity through these sites.
  • Always Available Intranet - Why should the intranet be available only during office hours and within your company? employees must be able to access it from anywhere. They must be able to access information at any time and allow them to quickly respond to any queries. They must be able to access the network from any device. Our cloud-based intranet software allows you the freedom of accessing the office network from anywhere at any time.

How Does Your Company Benefit From Intranet?

  • Saves Time - One of the main advantages is that the intranet saves time by avoiding the need for meetings. You can easily exchange opinions and get confirmation on the network.
  • Free Up Your Inbox - When you use the intranet, the need for sending emails is reduced considerably helping your inbox to remain uncluttered.
  • Easier Employee Onboarding - New employees can find access to important information and forms on the intranet instead of spending time on discussions with different departments.
  • Happier Employees Through Engagement - Employment engagement helps in having a happier workplace. It makes the employees feel included in all company affairs.
  • Spread The Office Culture - When employees interact among themselves it helps to reinforce the company culture. New employees also quickly get integrated with the corporate culture.
  • Build Transparency - When employees have the freedom to exchange opinions and views, they feel confident that the company is more transparent.
  • Easy To Recognize And Reward - Not every action of an employee needs to be only rewarded with money or awards. A note of appreciation is enough to motivate employees and the intranet makes it easy to quickly appreciate the good work of employees. BT Techsoft is an intranet development company that understands your requirements and creates an intranet that is most suitable for your corporate set up.

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