What is meant by Web application development?

bttechsoft 8 May 2021

Since the dawn of time, humans have excelled in a myriad of ways. From intellectual evolutions to technological advancements, we have seen it all! One of the biggest breakthroughs in the age has been the invention of the Internet. The Internet has paved the way for far more stretching and innovative technologies. Today, we are all connected on the web, thanks to this incredible piece of engineering.

One of the greatest outcomes of the internet has been web applications! Softwares that run on our computers and enhance our lifestyles in multiple ways. From making business documentation more convenient to creating school assignments in the least time, web applications have been a life saviour. Without these apps, our hardware - all the complex motherboards under the chassis of our computers are essentially useless! You can have the latest and greatest computing power, but without software to harmonise it, there is practically no purpose behind the engineering. Therefore, it's safe to say that web applications complete our hardware breakthroughs.

Apps like Google Docs and Sheets are all examples of web applications that have changed the way we work on the internet. These apps have made everything quicker and reliable. You can have an average computer and couple it with a good internet connection, and voila, you got yourself all the benefits of a web app.

Today, multiple businesses create custom web applications to automate their business model and digitise a range of manual tasks. Such apps allow them to enhance their productivity, keep everyone on the same page and provide access to real-time business updates. BT Techsft excels in custom web app development and has created a plethora of fully functional and effective web applications. Our expertise stems from a deep-rooted understanding of practical aspects of the job, allowing us to meet the exact requirements stated by the clients.

What is a Web Application?


Web application refers to an app that runs on your computer through a web browser and performs complex tasks over the internet. These are dedicated to solve certain problems and offer solutions that are easy to follow and convenient. For instance, if you want to type a bunch of stuff, that would be the problem. The solution will be an app such as Google docs that would be free of any limitations, allowing you to quickly get the job done.

Web application development is a complex task performed by experts only. App developers use various computer languages to create code for them. This code involves the entire architect, structure and design of the app. Therefore, as you can predict, it is a cumbersome and time-taking thing to do.

All the information gained by these apps is stored on the internet and requires no physical storage solutions. This means data can be accessed any time, anywhere without limitations. Moreover, these apps aren't just constricted to computers but can be used using other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Types of Web Applications

Since we have got the definitions out of the way, we can look for different types of web applications. Here is a list of the most commonly used and known apps:

Static Applications

Static web applications are the most generic and basic type of web applications. They are relatively straightforward and contain minimal content. Videos and Gifs can easily be added to the content. Web developers who create static apps usually rely on HTML and CSS to write the code.

One of the biggest problems with these web apps is that they give a tiny room for change. Even the slightest of modifications can involve downloading the HTML code, making the change and uploading it to the server. Also, these apps are not recommended for business use as it becomes distressing to update them in line with changes in the business model.

Dynamic Applications

Dynamic applications are a stark contrast to static apps. They usually comprise a database that works hand-in-hand with the app. It is relatively simple and convenient to make changes in the content, and they can be created using several different computer languages. However, it can be hard to write code for them, as they require expert handling and knowledge.

If you want to enjoy the perks of dynamic custom software development, you can contact Bt Techsoft to create feature-packed web applications for your business needs and digitise your operations.

Ecommerce Apps

Ecommerce apps offer online purchasing power to billions of people from one place. These apps are pretty complicated as you have to manage several business aspects. These include order management, payment processing and stock updates. Therefore, these must only be created by an expert who understands the nitty-gritty of the field.

Animated Web Apps

Animated web applications make use of animations to interact and attract users. These usually require being able to work around with Flash.

How to Build a Web Application?


Building a web application involves several stages. Every stage is marked with decision making or evaluation.

First and foremost, you should identify a problem that your software will solve. It can be anything that you seem is faced by people on a large scale. For example, if you think people find it hard to manage their schedules, you can create a to-do list for them.

Secondly, you will plan out how your app will work. This includes managing the workflow and structuring the basics of the app to solve the problem.

Third, you need to see if people like your solution or not. You will have to communicate it with them and take their valuable feedback to make changes until you think the large scale audience will accept it.

Next, you can start writing the code for your application while also building the database. As you write your code, you must test your app in several beta stages to ensure smooth and efficient working. Having done that, you can add your web application to a server and consistently make updates to get rid of bugs and enable a better user experience.

Advantages of Web Application Development

In the business world, web application development is key to improving enterprise and workforce efficiency. Using these apps, you can get a lot more done in a shorter time, in contrast to doing everything manually. Things like documentation and spreadsheets can be managed far more conveniently as data replication and other aspects are digitised. This means there are minimal to zero chances of human error, and you can avoid significant losses.

Web applications are accessible 24/7! This means data can be accessed at any time of the day, without space constraints. You can be on holiday in the Maldives and still get that one crucial presentation done! Also, updating web apps is instantaneous. One update rolled on the main version can be used by everyone in the company.

With web applications, all your concerns about keeping the software updated with the business model are adequately addressed. They allow practical customisations that can be done in a short time. Compare this to desktop-based applications, and you will realise just how cost-effective and quicker it is!

Web applications do not require local installation. You don't have to spend money on storage solutions. Instead, everything is kept on the cloud, meaning you just have to run a web browser, and your needs will be covered.

Moreover, web applications also help put your data breach concerns out of the equation. Since nothing is stored locally, even if you lose your laptop, valuable data is accessible only to you. This is essential for large scale industries that cannot afford even the slightest of data leaks.

Web Application Development VS Web Development

Web development mainly deals with websites. In contrast to web apps, websites are primarily static - meaning every user on the internet sees the same thing. Websites are primarily informational and offer minimal interaction, while apps involve taking inputs from the user and providing instant outputs. Furthermore, websites are mainly created using a handful of computer languages, including HTML, CSS and Java, while web apps can be made using Python, Rails and much more!

Best Platform to Develop Web Application

Our experience in software development services in Singapore has revealed that the best platform to develop web apps is Frameworks. Some of the top names, such as Soundcloud and Airbnb, have been created on this platform. With a large community of fellow developers, you can be ensured of receiving proper guidance.

AngularJS is another top choice for anyone looking to constantly updating his app in line with variations in the business model. Apps like Netflix and Upwork have been created on this platform.

Best Programming Languages for Web Application Development

Javascript is the first name that comes to mind. It offers great flexibility in changing the UI design and making the app as customised as possible. However, Swift is an equally excellent choice for anyone looking to create apps, especially for the macOS.

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