Tips to Improve Field Technician's Productivity with Field Management Software

tips to improve field technicians productivity with field management software 27 January 2023

Field work requires a lot of coordination between contact centres and customers to deliver a better customer experience. If you are thinking of manually managing field service technicians, it can be challenging!

Field services include scheduling, on-field expenses, warranty, and managing inventory which can be so difficult without proper Field Management Software This software helps you to ease your tasks of managing field service technicians' utilization and enhance productivity of field service technicians!

Must-Known Field Service Management Facts

must known field service management fact

Here, we have curated some must-known field service management facts that you should know!

  • It is stated that 48% of organizations are using Field Service Management Software.
  • 96% of enterprises find GPS tracking software beneficial.
  • 89% of customers want advanced and on-demand technology that is applied to their field technician scheduling.
  • As per the stats, 75% of field service businesses have seen increased productivity in employees by utilizing mobility tools.

These stats proved that your business requires a field service management system to increase your business growth and employee productivity!

Effective Tips to Improve Technician's Productivity

Effective Tips to Improve Technician's Productivity

Many businesses are using field service management systems, but they are not aware of the effective tips. If you are not using the system in the correct way, you are not able to receive a positive outcome for your business!

So, we have compiled a list of effective tips that will boost your company's productivity!

Mobile Field Solutions for Better Results

The manual process can cause errors, delays, and duplicates. But if you take a digital approach to field service management, your workers start working smartly.

Nowadays, companies acquire digital tools for their workforce that maximize efficiency and convenience. These tools include artificial intelligence, real-time tracking, and mobility on all communication platforms.

With the help of software, you can sync your workflows and build effective strategies on the basis of real-time data. You can improve technician productivity and customer experience with reliable mobile field solutions.

Dispatching and Scheduling with Cloud-Based System

Without using a field service management system, it can cause you double booking risks, missed appointments, and late onsite visits. This will create a negative impact on customer experience. To create seamless scheduling and dispatching, your technicians require quick accessibility and data syncing.

The dispatch and schedule management tool allows you to track bookings, assign them to the right technician, and analyze the progress of each job from start to finish. This also helps your technician to get real-time updates that ensure they are working in the right manner.

Device Tracking Enable Route Mapping and Planning

There is no way to monitor how much time technicians spend on the road. This will cause long waiting times for customers, dissatisfaction, and gas and vehicle expenses. But with route mapping and planning tools, your technicians are able to reach onsite timely. This will improve efficiency and customer experience while reducing the cost of travel.

It allows the technician to navigate via traffic and locate the best and faster alternative routes. If your technician has multiple servicing jobs in one area, route planning will allow them to travel efficiently from one customer to another.

Besides, the device tracking tool tracks your technician's every move and provides you with real-time updates. This will help them to assign more tasks and schedule visits more efficiently.

Remote Accessibility for Inventory Management

Technicians always require reliable customer and company information to conduct onsite visits and inspections. It becomes quite stressful and disorganized working remotely without mobile features. Your technician needs to wait for assistance if they have any technical issues and need an additional part for the customer. This will result in more delays and get your technician more frustrated.

Digitize your inventory management system to empower your technician. This will help them to handle any complex situation easily from their mobile devices. Your staff can get quick access to inventory, nearby technicians, and support documents with interconnected mobile networks. Doing this will make it easier for your team to collaborate and solve problems.

Monitor Performance by Automating Analytics

When you have to do everything manually to get a clear picture of your daily operations, it requires more time. This will result in delayed reports; your managers are not able to provide accurate feedback and make data-driven decisions.

Automated analytics can help you to measure the efficiency of your operations. If your technicians have a workload, you can transfer the responsibilities to other staff with a light workload. Real-time data syncing allows you to know the latest figures you are working on and make the best decisions.

When you have all your information in a single dashboard, making projections becomes convenient and accurate. With the help of this, you will know which area requires improvement. This will turn it simple to find solutions and enhance customer experiences.


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