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When it comes to automation, the software takes the lead. Whether you want to improve the way you interact with the customers or increase communication between your employees, the software can do the deeds. But if we talk specifically about custom software, it’s worth understanding exactly how you can meet your specific needs with the technological solutions out there.

Wondering how custom software can help you?Wondering how you can improve the operations of your business? In this guide, we will take you through different aspects that you need to know about custom software development. Let’s start with the basics first.

What is Custom Software Development?

Starting with the definition, custom software development is basically the process of ideating, designing, creating, and maintaining software in line with the specific needs of users or organisations. In this way, such software is different from off-the-shelf software (COTS) that perform for particular purposes only.

For example, Microsoft Office is built for generalised needs only. However, custom software can be developed all according to the needs of the businesses. For example, you might want to create an online banking application according to the amenities of your bank. You might want a tailored solution to assign work to your employees everyday.

On the other hand, you might think of building a platform where customers can come and ask queries about your services. All of these solutions can be fulfilled with custom software. This is why custom software is often known as bespoke software.

Advantages of Custom Software

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As the world is becoming more technological forward and competitive, the businesses need to be unique and original. And, in doing so, custom software can play a very crucial role. With custom software, you can dictate exactly what you want technology to do for you.

The foremost benefit of custom software is that it’s tailor-made according to the particular needs of the organisation. Developers and designers can work on your specific requirements, building software that belongs to your organisation only.

While custom software can be expensive to get developed, it actually is a brilliant investment. Software already does not require extra pieces of equipment and hardware that might never be useful. However, by meeting the needs of your business, you can optimise critical operations and increase the productivity of your team.

Most importantly, you can control the custom software, which is not possible with off-the-shelf software since they are dependent upon other companies and software developers. In this way, custom software is also a more safe and secure option against emerging external threats.

Importance of Custom Software Development

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Still not convinced that you need custom software for your business? Then, think about the competition in the outside world. The world is moving fast. Everything from the political climax to economic and social conditions is changing. Simply put, running a business requires a lot of efforts. By using custom software, you can streamline your critical operations easily.

Businesses specifically thinking about expansion need to consider whether their growth can be supported by their resources. In many cases, companies cannot rely on traditional software when expanding. But with custom software, you can quickly scale up without any effort.

As already stated, custom software is also a very feasible solution when it comes to cybersecurity. On the other hand, you can also have the software customised according to the needs and requirements of your existing system. In this way, the integration of custom software is also not a hefty process.

Specific Fields That Require Custom Software Development

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Where custom software can be a choice, it can also be a need for many businesses. For instance, if you manage a clinic or hospital, a medical patient interface will be needed that not only cater to the specific requirements of the patients, but it is also specific to the organisation.

Similarly, many learning institutions opt for custom student portals so students can sign up for classes, submit their assignments, check essential notes, and download learning material. Most importantly, e-commerce businesses specifically require customised software, so they can provide personalised shopping experiences to the customers.

Other areas where a custom software may be needed are charitable groups using volunteer coordination platforms, financial organisations requiring website account logins, management and scheduling tools, and B2C companies needing a solution for account management.

Below, we will take you through some other types of custom software that you can incorporate in your business as per its needs and requirements.

Field Service Management

A field service management system is used by a business for managing its resources that are present on or near the clients’ properties. Some examples of these activities include scheduling work, managing worker’s activities, locating vehicles, and dispatching work. Most customers expect that a field management software can keep them connected with the work on the field

A viable field software also helps the organisation in managing the work of the employees, increasing their productivity, getting crucial analytics, and decreasing the cost required to look after the on-field team. In this way, you can get a customised field service management software to increase both productivity and revenue.


ERP basically stands for Enterprise Resource planning, which businesses can employ for looking after their daily operations, including project management, supply chain operations, accounting, risk management, and procurement. A complete ERP software solution can also help the business in planning, predicting, and reporting its financial services.

Such software is particularly useful for integrating processes and people across a common database. With a consistent infrastructure, enhanced collaboration, and improved business insight, you can add the real value to your overall business using cloud ERP software. A customised ERP, in this regard, can match your financial needs.

Inventory Management System

An inventory management system is basically concerned with maintaining and monitoring stocked products available in the inventory. Be it raw materials, company assets, or finished products, inventory management software can be used by businesses across various industries like retail, logistics, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies.

An inventory management system for small business, as well as large corporations, comes with various amenities, such as barcode reading, report generation, stock review, order management, ticket handling, and invoice generation. Organisations can tweak the system all according to their specific needs, so they can smoothly manage their inventory.

Order Management System

An order management system software can be employed for appropriately executing customer or trade orders. Many dealers and brokers rely on this software to fill orders, track the payment, and generate timely reports. From order type to size and instructions, this software can help in creating and dispatching qualified trading orders.

You can find many platforms offering this solution under the banner of order management system for eCommerce or other terminology. But a custom software is what you should get, so the software can be in accordance with the dynamics of your trade and financial processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As evident from the name, customer relationship management is a solution that can help companies in interacting with their customers, whether existing or potential ones. Using a customer management system, businesses can improve their relationships with the customers, stay connected with them, and improve their customer satisfaction rates.

Since your interaction with the customers might be different, a bespoke CRM software can prove to be particularly helpful. CRM systems for small businesses can specifically help them in attracting more customers, identifying sales opportunities, and creating an audience base.


An intranet refers to a computer network, which can be employed for collaborating, sharing information, looking after the operational systems, and other computing-related services. Companies can use intranet portal software for the whole company as a way to improve collaboration and communication.

You can rely on intranet development company to help resolve management, communication, and other corporate issues by matching the technological solution with your specific needs. Whether you want the HR to become more accessible to your employees or increase discussion, intranet software can prove to be beneficial.

Web Application Development

When various application programs are integrated into remote servers and provided to the users through their internet-connected devices, the process is known as web application development. For example, you have an e-commerce grocery store. You can use a web app, allowing customers to connect with your business with the help of a network.

Many IT software companies in Singapore and beyond provide web app development services. You won’t even need particular hardware for such apps. They are also very cost-effective while increasing the visibility of a company in the online world.

Mobile Application Development

You might already be aware of the mobile app, which is the software particularly curated for usage on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are getting very popular, which makes mobile applications an essential need. Whether you have an online business or you provide learning resources, a mobile app can help you ensure your products and services to a broader audience.

There are various types of mobile applications, including native, HTML5, and hybrid apps. Which one you employ depends upon your particular requirements. You can also tailor your custom mobile app according to the type of operating systems, that is, iOS or Android.

Database Application Development

Information and data are produced every day in amounts beyond human’s imagination. With a business, you also generate tons of information, requiring efficient handling of data. In this regard, a custom database application can help you to keep track of your business data integrally and confidentially.

For example, your HR department can use a database system to manage employees’ information. An inventory database system can help you to optimise the way you manage your stock. Whatever you need, a custom database can help you manage critical aspects of your business efficiently.

Help Desk

A help desk software is basically a computer program responsible for managing customer-related operations, dealing with user requests, and resolving their issues. While a help desk software is an umbrella category of various management systems, a help desk ticketing system is particularly useful for customer-orientated businesses.

A ticketing system software supports the organisation in managing its customer relations, saving time required to provide customer service, and resolve issues. An online ticketing system can also help businesses in capturing more tickets and organising them appropriately.

Project Management

Managing a project from top to bottom can be a very hefty process. A successful project depends upon the way decisions are taken, risks are managed, and change is controlled. In this way, it is essential for the project team to work in harmony, together with the management, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Accordingly, a custom project management software can be helpful in planning, managing, and streamlining various aspects of a project, including work schedules, cost control, resource allocation, risk management, quality assurance, and many other.

Hotel Booking System

If you specifically work in the hotel industry, then your business must have a hotel booking system. After all, you can’t rely on paperwork to manage processes, such as reserving rooms, analysing rooms capacity, managing events, and providing efficient customer service.

In this regard, a bespoke hotel booking system can give you a competitive edge over other organisations by taking hefty and costly processes online. It can also enhance the effectiveness of your business and save time.

Restaurant Management System

As a restaurant owner,a bespoke management system can help you smoothly glide through operations hours. Whether you provide online delivery services or want something to optimise your payment process, a restaurant management system can bring real value to your business.

Restaurant management systems are particularly useful for decreasing the time required for fulfilling orders, automating repetitive work, ensuring an exceptional customer experience, and reducing operational costs.

The Final Takeaway

Custom software can help you tons to improve the way you do business. Regardless of your industry, you should opt for a custom software if your customers are unsatisfied, your team is unproductive, and the overall business goals are far from the grab. Let us know which custom software you are opting for.

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