Execute Your Orders Promptly And Keep Your Customers Happy

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In an era when the demand from customers is increasing, companies must be on their toes and ensure that no customer is left unhappy. The main reason for customers to get frustrated with a company is when their orders get delayed. With more and more online companies promising quick deliveries it has become very essential for online companies to manage their orders most efficiently. They cannot afford to miss an order or delay the delivery. It is not possible to manage orders using traditional methods. You need the best order management solutions that will help you to execute all the orders properly.

What Is An Order Management System?

As the name suggests a sales order management software primarily helps you manage all the orders you receive from various customers. But apart from this simple function the software also does a lot of other work. You can manage every entity of the order execution process using the software. The system will handle every activity starting with receiving the orders until you get the payment for the particular order. Another important aspect that the software helps you manage is your inventory.

The other important function that the simple order management software helps to do is to manage your customers. With this software, you can manage your customers also. You can know the past orders of every customer. You can also get reports on customer purchase patterns. This will help you give the customers a better purchase experience with your company. The software will also allow you to see every detail of an order on a single screen. You can see the order execution status and also track the delivery.

How The Order Management System Work?

The first job of an order management system is to receive all orders from different eCommerce platforms and organize them on the same screen. You can view all these on your dashboard and now how many orders you received from each of the platforms. This helps you know which platform is contributing most to your business. It will help you with your marketing plans for each channel. You can also view the statuses of different orders with just one click. The order management system for small business also helps you plan your purchases in a better way with more analytical reports.

You can view the orders in whichever way you want. Various filters allow you to see the orders in different orders. The software provides small business order tracking free with it so that you can know where your goods are at any moment and give correct information to the customers. The software automatically updates the inventory when an order is received and entry is done. You can also program the software to send you a low-stock alert.

Easy Integrations Make Software More Versatile

Integrations with different sources make the software to be used to receive and execute orders with ease. This enables you to accept orders through any eCommerce platform or directly. The software can also integrate different payment methods. This gives flexibility for the customers to choose their preferred payment method. The payments can be integrated from any of the eCommerce sites.

Maintaining proper accounts is important for any business. The best order management system for small business can be integrated with popular and easy-to-use accounting software. This means that you don't have to maintain your accounts separately. As soon as an order is processed it will be updated in the accounting software. You can view the payment pending details of any customer from the software and follow up with them for payment.

Shipping The Products Without Any Hassles

The main intention of using an order management software is that the delivery to the customers must be done on time. This is possible only if you have a shipment module in the software. Good software will allow you to print the shipping labels and packing list in one click. You can enter multiple orders and print all the shipping labels with just one click. This saves a lot of time and ensures that your products are dispatched with proper documents.

Once the delivery is complete, the shipping details are entered into the software. This means that with one look at the order you can know the shipping details also. You can also send the tracking number along with the URL of the shipper to the customers directly from the software. This will let your customers know that their orders have been shipped and they can track the progress themselves. You can also get SMS regarding delivery sent to your customers automatically from the software.

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